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Price is based on Spot Gold Price Plus %
1-9 coins = Spot Gold + 1.9%
10-19 = Spot Gold + 1.75%
20 + = Spot Gold + 1.5%
Discount shown in cart

Buy ampicillin, Buy ampicillin 500 mg

1.2057 oz Gold Mexican 50 Peso

The Mexican Gold Peso coin was first issued in 1921 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain.

Coin Specifications
Category: Mexico Gold 50 Peso (1921-1947)
Mintage: 180,000
Composition: 90% Gold
Weight: 41.6666g
AGW: 1.2056oz
Diameter: 37mm
Edge: Reeded

Additional information

Weight 1.469746063 oz


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